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Bamboo Toothbrush – Set of 4



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  • Jungle Culture’s set of 4 natural bamboo toothbrushes are crafted using high-quality 100% organic bamboo. Our soft bristle eco toothbrushes are designed to perfectly replicate a disposable plastic toothbrush, without any of the waste!

    Each bamboo toothbrush set is packaged using eco-friendly and zero waste kraft paper packaging, which can be recycled again and again with minimal environmental impact.

    All bamboo products made by Jungle Culture are produced using sustainable, ethically sourced bamboo and our wooden toothbrushes are no different!

    Set Contains:

    4 x Soft Bristle Bamboo Toothbrushes (Gentle on gums, firm on plaque)
    4 x Kraft paper toothbrush boxes (Family pack)

    1. Natural dental care: Our bamboo handled toothbrushes are made using 100% organic and ethically sourced bamboo.
    2. Sustainable swaps: Each year in the UK between 25-30 million plastic toothbrushes are thrown into landfills. Make the switch today and start brushing sustainably!
    3. Eco-friendly dentistry: Our natural toothbrushes are BPA free with 99% less plastic when compared to a standard plastic disposable toothbrush.
    4. Water resistant design: Bamboo toothbrushes by Jungle Culture are heat treated, ensuring that they won’t develop mould or bacteria like other wooden toothbrushes.
    5. Family pack of bamboo toothbrushes: Each pack of bamboo toothbrushes contains 4 individually boxed toothbrushes, ideally suited to a family!
  • To ensure that your bamboo toothbrush stays in good condition throughout its life, please read the following care instructions:

    1. Keep your toothbrush away from pools of water, preferably upright in a cup or toothbrush container.

    2. Your toothbrush handle is 100% biodegradable and compostable. To compost your toothbrush, simply remove the head and break the handle into smaller pieces before placing it in the soil.

    3. When you have finished with your toothbrush, we recommend using it as a cleaning utensil for your bathroom. If you can’t find a second use for your toothbrush, try to compost the handle before placing the bristles in a normal bin.

    4. Our toothbrushes contain 99% less plastic when compared with a standard brush, however, our bristles are made of nylon and are non-biodegradable. Please remove the toothbrush head prior to composting the handle or use pliers to remove the bristles for recycling.

  • Jungle Culture designs and creates Earth-friendly products in collaboration with small farms, craft workshops and ethical factories. Our transparent supply chain is focused on lowering waste whilst empowering small manufacturers and poverty-stricken communities around the world.

    Check out our story and learn more about our ethical sourcing practices.

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